Cat Puzzle Project 1,000 Piece Puzzle

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Submit your darling cat photo below and pre-order the 1,000 piece masterpiece jigsaw. Photo submissions will close mid-June and we'll start designing the ULTIMATE cat jigsaw puzzle which we know you will LOVE! 

The jigsaw puzzles will be revealed and sent out to you - our amazing cat & jigsaw community - from the beginning of September, just in time for the official puzzling season! Best surprise ever!

We won't be selling the jigsaw in September. We will only be ordering the number of jigsaws sold before mid-June.  This is a one-off, bespoke, limited edition jigsaw.

You are guaranteed to have your cat included. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING included in the price (for UK peeps only). You can submit up to three images just so it's easier for us to edit the best photo, plus, if you have more than one cat then you can add both! 


Please make sure the photos are as high resolution as possible and it's a photo of your WHOLE cat, thank you!